Messy Hair, Don’t Care…or Do We?

We have all seen the t-shirts or the memes or the mugs with the phrase “Messy Hair, Don’t Care”, right? I am sure we often chuckle because we can totally relate. We throw that hair up in a messy bun as often as we can so we can be done with it and go about the business of our day. Maybe even these days, you are living the messy bun life a little more since you don’t have to go out as much! (Insert guilty face and raised hand here — )

However, I believe we are living our best messy hair days because we DO care. It’s possible that someone might take a look at you during that Zoom call and think, “Doesn’t she even care about what she looks like right now?” What they don’t see is how much caring is actually happening behind that screen. You care about those little people that seem to be at your ankles all day long. You care about that never ending “to-do” list that helps take care of the needs of your family. You care about the job or career that you have been called to and trained for. You care about making people feel comfortable in your home as you exercise your gift of hospitality. You care fiercely. You care fully. You care passionately.

Hence, the messy hair. In life, there are seasons when we take much more time to care about those around us than ourselves. It doesn’t mean we don’t want to or that we shouldn’t put any time into our appearance (that’s a whole other blog post!) but it does mean that our priorities are putting others before ourselves sometimes. It means that we love those people under our roof so much that we will put aside our needs for a bit so we can take care of theirs. We listen to our teenager’s heart, find that missing lovey…again, help our husbands think through a decision they need to make or take part in a much needed family night despite the mess around us.

Just today, I took one of our kids for a ride to grab a donut. They had been having a rough couple days just feeling like the whole world was against them. My hair was thrown in the same bun it had been since I woke at 6am (quite similar to the bun that was in it yesterday to be honest…) my house needed some tending and I definitely just threw on whatever shoes were by the door but it didn’t matter. What did matter in that moment was that my little person’s heart needed some tending. They simply needed me to take a some time to listen to their heart and thoughts. In that moment, “messy hair, don’t care” could not have been further from the truth. My heart hurt so much for them and I was happy to be there for them.

So next time you see a mama with a less than ideal hairstyle don’t wonder if she even cares. Instead, choose to be inspired by how much she truly does care.

One thought on “Messy Hair, Don’t Care…or Do We?

  1. Very important perspective and good reminder. We are too quick to judge the appearance of others, without considering the back-story.
    Prioritizing others’ needs above our hairstyle is humbling when we sacrifice our “image” for the sake of another. Thanks, Sandra.

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