Digging for Treasure

Metal detecting. Not a world I had known much about until about two years ago. My son is a big fan and takes every chance he gets to discover and explore. Whenever we go somewhere new or travel, he is sure to fit his gear in the car. The hobby is exciting because you never know what treasure you will pull up. Will it be a rusty old can or a lost golden wedding band? Will it be an everyday penny or a musket ball from the times of war? When you hear that “ding” of the detector letting you know that something is there, it brings on an unknown excitement.

As I watched my son once again with his headphones on and detector in hand scanning the beach, I realize that my heart needs to be scanned in the same manner. However, my heart won’t be scanned for treasure. Well, at least not the kind of treasure that can be dug up with a shovel and brought to The Antique Road Show to be analyzed and evaluated. My heart needs to be searched for a treasure that may not even feel like treasure at first glance. I can compare it to when my son finds a coin full of dirt and muck. Until he actually dusts it off and cleans it up, he doesn’t know what treasure he actually has and it could take some time to learn more about it.

The Bible says in Psalm 139:1, “O Lord, you have searched me and you know everything about me.” Since the Lord searches our hearts and knows everything about us, then surely He is fully equipped to metal detect our hearts. He is capable of finding the treasure that we never even knew existed. However, it could be a painful process for us. You see, in addition to a simple shovel needed to dig whenever one hears that magical “ding”, there is another important tool called the pinpointer. Sometimes when you start digging, the metal detector isn’t precise enough. It gives the general area but once you start digging you aren’t always sure which direction to head. The pinpointer gives you more distinction, more precision and a bit more clear direction.

In the same way, the Lord searches our hearts. He finds areas of our lives that need work. Those parts of our hearts that need to be refined and evaluated. Those parts of our hearts that need some “pinpointing”. He points out our sin, our downfalls and the areas where we have fallen short to follow His ways. It can be a difficult process to allow. But the beauty that comes to our relationship with Christ is the true treasure. We may have to let go of something or change a certain behavior. We may have to humble ourselves in a relationship with another. Whatever He is pinpointing in our lives, it is in order to refine and grow us. It is to teach us to walk in His ways and in turn, our acts of obedience will reveal to us the treasure that only He knows is inside of us. He will use the treasure that has been revealed in our heart to draw us closer to Him and to walk this life in the way He has called us to.

Is there a treasure that the Lord is trying to draw out of you at this season in your life? Is there a sin that He has been pinpointing in order to bring change? Will you let Him? True treasure is waiting to be found if you simply surrender and let Him search your heart.

One thought on “Digging for Treasure

  1. Great analogy. Good reminder to let God probe our hearts and gently reveal both the treasure that He Himself is in us, and the areas we need to allow Him to clean up so we can shine for Him and express our true value. Our Father is so faithful. Thanks again for a good word.

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